Jean-Philippe Perreault Physiotherapy Clinic
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  • Specialized treatments of the temporo-mandibular joint (jaw) and cranio-oro-facial conditions
  • Temporo-mandibular joint physiotherapy approach applied to obstructive apnea syndrom
  • Vestibular physiotherapy approach
  • Orthopaedic physiotherapy (manual therapy, sport therapy)
  • Rehabilitation after spine injuries (neck, back and pelvis)
  • Acute care management
  • Quick assessment and treatment (within 24 to 48 openable hours)
  • Postural analysis and gait training
  • Exercise program adapted to your condition
  • Electrotherapy (ultrasound, TENS, neuromuscular electrical nerve stimulation,...)
  • Sport therapy and sport taping
  • Home care treatments
  • Functional rehabilitation after a work accident or a motor vehicle accident (CSST, SAAQ)
  • We also give receipts for your insurance