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The lumbar sprain

The lumbar sprain

It is defined as a trauma that the ligaments or muscle tendons located in the lumbar region (lower back) go through, due to excessive stretching or even tearing.

Then, the person quickly feels the pain caused by the sprain and generally has difficulty to stand up straight and stay sit. This may be moderate or severe pain, depending on the severity of the sprain, and it is possible to feel it spread in the lower limbs (legs).

A herniated disc, as to it, is a projection (bulge) of an inter-vertebral disc in the spinal canal (canal of the spinal cord) and which corresponds to a back expulsion of its gelatinous nucleus, the nucleus pulposus.  The herniated disc is often the result of recurrent lumbar sprains.

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Causes of lumbar sprain

•        a direct trauma to the lumbar spine after a fall, a shock or an accident;
•        a pelvic torsion problem (which gives the impression of having one leg shorter than the other)
•        a too heavy load that we carried;
•        a physical effort in a bad position (bending over to pick something up without bending the legs)
•        the lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle;
•        repetitive movements at work;
•        sitting too long.  

Medical interventions 

Rest, added to anti-inflammatory, painkiller and muscle relaxant drugs is often prescribed by your doctor.

Physical therapy interventions

-   Decrease inflammation and pain with the help of:

  • A device called ultrasound

  • Ice

  • Manual therapy and lumbar tractions allowing decompression of the affected nerve root, if any.

-   Regain lost range of motion using:

•    Gentle joint mobilizations in the affected area

•    Flexibility exercises

-   Strengthen the affected muscles in order to avoid recurrence risk.

•    Stronger muscles will better protect your spinal column during your activities.

-   Find working and training methods more adapted to you.

Your physical therapist is the specialist of the musculoskeletal system.  Give him a call!  He can help you to improve your condition and regain your lifestyle and activities that are important to you.


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