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The lateral epicondylitis or tennis elbow

This condition, often called as tennis elbow, comes from an inflammation of the muscles that are located on the dorsal face of the forearm and that all attach to the external face of the elbow. Tennis elbow can be caused by a micro-trauma (repetitive movements) or a direct trauma. You would usually feel such pain at the attachment site of the tendon of the epicondylar muscles to the bony portion of the external face of the elbow. That can happen when the muscle is asked to produce a higher force than it would normally produce.

Risk factors

lateral epicondylitis or tennis elbow

  • Over-use
  • Muscle weakness or unbalanced muscles
  • Wrong work methods
  • Wrong training methods



Physiotherapy treatment


Decrease inflammation with :

  • A device called ultrasound
  • Ice
  • A certain amount of rest will help your elbow to recover

Regain the lost range of motion with :

  • Manual therapy of the muscles and of the elbow joint
  • Stretching exercises

Strengthen the muscles in order to reduce recidivism risks

  • If we have stronger muscles, it will be way easier to execute the command given to the joint

Find better work and training methods that are more adapted to your condition.

Your physical therapist is the musculoskeletal disorders specialist. Don't wait before giving him a ring. He can help you recover your normal condition and get back to your activities that really mean something to you!

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