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The shoulder tendonitis

Shoulder tendonitisShoulder tendonitis is a very common pathology affecting a lot of people. The pain felt in the shoulder's superior part often stops the joint from doing its normal functions. The superior tendons' face which envelopes the humerus head is exposed to friction under the acromion's bony arch. The acromion is a bony portion forming the scapula's extension. The tendon's inflammation can be very painful and can limitate the joint in its movements. Then, pain can occur while doing different movements, mostly when you are raising your arm, but sometimes at rest.

Risk factors

  • Over-use in a long-term period
  • Working with the arms in high position
  • Heavy weight handling
  • Muscle weakness or unbalanced muscles
  • Wrong work methods or unadapted workstation
  • Wrong training methods

Medical interventions

Rest, plus anti-inflammatory, analgesics and muscle relaxants are often suggested by your physician. A cortisone infiltration can be suggested by him as well. A surgical intervention can be conceivable in some cases only.

Physiotherapy treatments

Decrease the inflammation with :

  • A device called ultrasound
  • Ice
  • Manual therapy

Regain the lost range of motion with :

  • Shoulder passive mobilisations
  • Stretching exercises

Strengthen the muscles in order to reduce recidivism risks

  • Stronger muscles will protect your shoulder more efficiently in demanding activities.
  • Scapula and rotator cuff muscles recoordination will improve your shoulder's mechanic.

Find better working and training methods, more adapted to your condition.

Your physical therapist is the musculoskeletal disorders specialist. Don't wait before giving him a ring, because a shoulder tendonitis that is not treated can aggravate and lead to a capsulitis. Your physical therapist can help you recover your normal condition and get back to your activities that really mean something to you!

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